Friday 30 September 2016

2nd day after operation

During the night I couldn't get comfy and my shoulder began to throb 'big time'. I couldn't sleep so took just 5ml of Morphine, which must have worked because the next thing I remember it was 8 am!
I still felt uncomfortable but not as bad so took tablets as prescribed and after carefully getting up washed and dressed with a piece of toast for breakfast I sat in the middle of the settee upright (where I could feel comfortable) and promptly fell asleep for another hour.
Amazingly after this I felt completely peaceful and with no pain or even discomfort in my shoulder. My lower arm was aching AND my wrist so I took the sling off and tried the first set of exercises I was told to do once the nerve block had completely worn off. Put the sling back on and every now and then took it off to stop my arm going dead.
For the ret of the day I have felt really good with no discomfort so long as I don't move my arm.
Another early night - lets see if it hurts then...

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